Farmer Group 2 costs GH₵6 per farmer (minimum 20 farmers) in group, plus additional training (GH₵5 per farmer) and consultancy fees (GH₵10 per farmer).

    Total membership fee: GH₵

    Please make a bank transfer to the following account before supplying
    your membership details.

    Account details for PGS- Ghana Account details:

    • Account name: Louis Bolk Institute Ghana- PGS
    • Account number: 9040008138014
    • Bank: Stanbic bank
    • Branch: Accra Mall, Accra

    Farmer Group Membership 2:

    A group of farmers (20 and above) working on the same piece of land which is less than 5 acres 0.50 cedi per month per member of the group/6 cedis per year per member of the group. Plus: 1. Two trainings per year for 20 cedi per member 2. Two consultancies per year for 50 cedi per member

    Biographical Details

    Please fill the questionnaire and include brief explanations were available.